The Ashoka Learning and Action Center is a European think tank launched in 2018 by Ashoka, the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs. The Center produces and disseminates practice-oriented research that cuts across all Ashoka programs and initiatives, connecting with policy stakeholders and the broader social entrepreneurship sector.

The Learning and Action Center screens and analyzes the knowledge held by Ashoka on European social challenges, social innovation, system-changing ideas and the approaches of Ashoka Fellows to social issues, delivering actionable insights that can inspire collective solutions. We believe that it is the combination of different perspectives and expertise that can change the world for the better.  

Our goals are: 

  • To spot and connect innovative solutions for complex social problems; 
  • To identify system change methodologies and tools that can be shared between social entrepreneurs;  
  • To develop evidence-based action formats for addressing social issues; 
  • To support the continuous improvement of concepts and procedures within Ashoka; 
  • To foster a knowledge network across organizations involved in social entrepreneurship.

Knowledge products

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The study is based on our analysis of 25 leading social entrepreneurs who are Ashoka Fellows that work to strengthen democracy. They reveal how democratic ideals must be dispersed throughout all levels of their work to promote a society based on democratic values. 

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Ashoka Fellows frequently report that their most impactful work – the kind that is focused on system change – is generally the least funded. This presents a clear challenge and opportunity for funders to grow the impact of their funding by adopting a system change approach.

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How are social entrepreneurs tackling Europe’s most pressing challenges? We explored the work of 194 Ashoka Fellows to find out.



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