Changemakers United Evaluation Report

Changemakers United is a collective effort to support social innovatorsat the forefront of the COVID-19crisis.InEurope,the project was conducted between April –September 2020 and it continues in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021.

Ashoka is sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting,and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs to the challenges COVID-19presents to the world.We do so by leveraging Ashoka’s global network of social innovators,as well as the partners networks, workforce,and communities they are part of.

This effort is part of broader global initiatives to support social entrepreneurs as first responders to the COVID-19crisis1andas innovators for the challengesexperienced bysocieties shaped by the pandemic.

You can now read the Evaluation Report 2020 of Changemakers United in Europe and hear directly from Ashoka Fellows how the program has impacted their work. For more information on Changemakers United, please follow the official website